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COBALT - Bullet Proof Door

63 mm module without thermal break.
Ideal for sensitive areas: banking networks, penitentiary center, police hotel ...
Single or double row of armour-plating in steel or aluminium integrated into the outer or opening frame.
Steel or aluminium shields depending on the desired ballistic performance.

Large Sizes
  • Max dimensions up to: H 2.35 x W 1.20 m
  • Max weight 240 kg with double cage profile
  • Glazing infill up to 66 mm
Diversity of Applications
  • Doors 1 or 2-leaf with external or internal opening
  • Security SAS
  • Composition
High Performance
  • With aluminium armour-plating, ballistic classification levels range: FSG, FB2, FB3, FB4 according to European standards
  • With steel armour-plating, ballistic classification levels range: FB5 according to European standards.