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GEODE UNITIZED - Bespoke Facade

90 or 75 mm sight lines.
Single or double glazing.
Glazing thickness according to specification (dimensions and wind pressure).
All product concepts accommodate vertical & horizontal movements.
Integration of SSG concealed top hung for open out windows.
Glazing and sealing of fa├žade elements within factory.
Both concepts allow glass replacements on site.
4 sided structural sealant with edge protection or 4 sides beaded glazing.
Possibility of integrating BMU requirements.
Available in 2 concepts : GEODE EL (European) GEODE ML (male /Female).

Product Benefits

Diversity of Applications
  • Grid aspect
  • Vertical & horizontal trame aspect
  • SSG aspect
Diversity of Forms
  • Bespoke
High Performance
  • Air infiltration: 300 Pa (ASTM E 283-04)
  • Static water penetration: 1000 Pa (ASTM E 331-00)
  • Structural performances: +/-2500Pa (ASTM E 330-02)
  • Structural proof load: +/-3750Pa (ASTM E 330-02)