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GEODE 52 - Trame Aspect

The GEODE curtain wall can be created either with grid appearance or structural glazing with vertical or horizontal trame. It allows concealed opening as top-hung, parallel or tilt and turn. Cap choice enhance external design of the facade.

Product Benefits

Large Sizes
  • Glass volume up to 6 m² (half-perimeter up to 5 m)
  • Max weight up to 400 kg by glass volume
  • Glass infill up to 32 mm
Diversity of Applications
  • Grid aspect
  • Horizontal trame aspect
  • Vertical trame aspect
  • SSG aspect (Structural Sealant Glazing)
Diversity of Forms
  • A wide range of external caps for greater aesthetic choice
  • Facetted facade +/-10°
High Performance
  • Ucw = 1.4 W/m²K. with Ug = 1.1 W/m²K. (Grid aspect)
  • Air permeability (Class A4)R7 / PASS under pressure and depression 1600 Pa and 2400 Pa (sudden pressure)
  • Ucw = 1.5W/m²K with Ug = 1.1W/m²K (Beaded glazing)