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TOPAZE - Without Thermal Break

46 mm module without thermal break.
Compatible with doors and windows from the same range.
Simple design for all kind of openings following architectural trends.
Handles line : exclusive TECHNALĀ® design.
Embedded gear box allowing the use of square drive handles for all applications for a discrete appearance. Inward or outward opening.
Ideal for tropical weather.

Product Benefits

Large Sizes
  • Max dimension up to W 1.1 m x H 2.35 m (1 leaf patio door 3 locking points)
  • Max weight up to 100 Kg
  • Glass infill from 6 to 39 mm (FB+)
Diversity of Applications
  • 1 and 2-leaf window or patio door.
  • Bottom-hung frame
  • Tilt & turn, 1 and 2-leaf opening
  • Outward opening frame
  • Projecting frame
  • Top hung frame
  • Tilting frame
  • Pivoting frame
  • Composite frame
High Performance
  • 38 dB (RA,tr) (-0 ; -2) depending on glazing
  • Air permeability: Class A4
  • Water tightness: Class 1050A
  • Wind pressure resistance: class C5
  • 1 leaf (W 1.1m x H 2.35m)