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SUNEAL TL - Pergola Suneal

Elegant design ideal for contemporary and more traditional constructions.
Protection of the facades and outdoor furniture from sun and rain alteration.
Temperature and sun regulation, particitating to individual housing and buildings extention.
Handling of the blades by remote control, RTS compatible system.
Waterproof roof* in closed position and rain discharge in one post.
Available in all TECHNAL shades.
Contributes to reduce energy requirements, especially in summer. Indeed, it lower the air conditioning needs for adjoining rooms.
Solar contributions management in winter.
*Limits of use: the watertight system, although powerful, is not designed to ensure a completely sealed veranda-like space. In case of heavy rain or strong wind (especially lateral), the watertightness is not assured.

Product Benefits

Large Sizes
  • Max dimension 1 module: 4.5 x 6.5 m
  • Max dimension 1 module with transom: 4 x 7 m
Diversity of Applications
  • Isolated
  • Leaned on the wall
  • Between walls
  • In angle
  • Combination
Diversity of Forms
  • Curved blade
  • Flat blade
High Performance
  • Motorization tested over 20.000 cycles
  • Tested in wind tunnel at CSTB*: 230 km/h in version leaned to the wall with flat blades
  • Blade orientation up to 130°