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GYPSE - Double Post

Design with minimalist lines: Flat or round midrails for models with or without infills.
Spaced or joined posts versions
Infills positioned depending on the chosen configuration: in front of or behind the posts (spaced posts), between posts for modular versions, etc.
Available as a balcony separator and swimming pool barrier.
Variety of materials: aluminium, stainless steel, glass, composite panel, decorative sheet metal.

Product Benefits

Large Sizes
  • 2 posts 50 x 12 mm, spaced 20 mm apart
  • 2 half-height posts forming a 50 x 24 mm section
Diversity of Forms
  • Glass infill beneath a rectangular handrail.
  • Cable and glass metal infill with a round handrail.
  • Cable and sheet metal infill with a rectangular handrail.
  • Running band aspect under the midrail with a St Andrew's cross and round handrail.
Diversity of Applications
  • Straight running band aspect: beneath the handrail, beneath the midrail, with embellishment, cables and glazing infill, midrails and glass bottom section.
  • Raked panels: Running band aspect beneath the midrail, balustrade beneath the midrail.
High Performance
  • Compliance with standards: test report available (brought into line with the latest changes to standards in relation to horizontal loads and glass infills).