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NOTEAL - Hinged Shutter

30 mm module with wooden-design features
Full range of solutions which have been tailored to complement traditional regional features: bar and brace shutter, solid, fixed or moveable louvres, full-height or with transom, combination, etc.
Possibility to arch
Qualitative finishes: wide choice of accessories.
Motorized hinged shutter with standard commercial product.

Product Benefits

Large Sizes
  • Max dimensions blinded leaf with transom: W 2.4 m x L 1.4 m
Diversity of Applications
  • 1, 2 and 3-leaf bar and brace hinged shutter, possiblity to arche 1 and 2-leaf.
  • 1, 2 and 3-leaf solid vertical or horizontal blades, possibility to arche 1 and 2-leaf.
  • 1, 2 and 3-leaf combination (louvres + solid blades).
  • 1 and 2-leaf "Nicoise" style in the lower section (for window and in the middle for patio door)
Diversity of Forms
  • Bar and brace.
  • Solid vertical blade.
  • Full-height louvre blind.
  • Louvres with transom.
  • Combination (louvres + solid blades).
  • "Nicoise" style in the lower section.
High Performance
  • Wind pressure resistance: technique class 6 (dim=2.4m x 2.2m) hinged shutter 2 leaves blinded with transom and "Ni├žoise" style on the lower section.