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TOPAZE - The Contemporary Door

TOPAZE is a range of single or double action hinged doors with a 46 mm module
Coplanar outer and opening frames
Single action opening via a split hinge or double action opening via an in-ground pivot
Tubular threshold offering reinforced weather tightness
Security bar, forced entry delay
Economical solution, easy and qualitative fabrication: no machining for hinges, punching tool for drainages
Specific devices to reinforce the security and numerous options: electric strike plate, fire-door espagnolette, emergency exit push bar
Compatible with windows and slidings systems form the same range and with GEODE facade

Product Benefits

Large Sizes
  • Max dimensions up to W 1.10 m x H 2.40 m with max weight up to 100 kg (door 1 leaf with recessed split hinges).
  • Max dimensions up to W 1.10 m x H 2.20 m max weight up to 120 kg (door 1 leaf with surface mounted split hinges).
Diversity of Forms
  • Coplanar outer and opening frames.
Diversity of Applications
  • Single action opening system via a split hinge
  • Double action via an in-ground pivot
High Performance
  • Peripheral opening frame or baseboard
  • Anti-finger trap protection
  • Without thermal break